Relief for Masonic Families

Masonic Family Outreach Services (MFOS) provides needed support for California Masonic families statewide.

Care management
MFOS provides ongoing care management at no cost. We identify resources for families struggling with complex issues, such as the impact of divorce, the stresses of a special needs child, and other significant life challenges. We also support families negatively impacted by economic events, such as job loss and foreclosure.

Services are broad, flexible, and reach families statewide within their own communities. There are no eligibility requirements for California Masons to receive non-financial assistance from MFOS.

Financial assistance
Qualifying California Masons (and their wives or widows) under age 60 may be eligible for one-time financial support during a transition phase. Financial assistance must serve as a bridge toward self-sufficiency and will be applied only as part of a MFOS-approved care plan.

California Master Masons in good standing for five consecutive years and their wives or widows are eligible for one-time financial assistance.

Learn more
If you, or a Masonic family you know, need our support, contact MFOS at or call 888/466-3642.

Masonic Center for Youth and Families

The Masonic Center for Youth and Families serves youth age 4 to 17 struggling with learning, behavioral, and psychological problems.

Our multi-disciplinary team of experts assesses the complete child – from cognitive, personality, and neuropsychological tests to conversations with teachers, coaches, and ministers. From this, we develop a comprehensive treatment plan that addresses the child’s and the family’s needs. This integrated, single-point-of-service approach is not available anywhere else in the country.

Our services are based on a child-first philosophy, and aim to help youth learn about themselves and realize their potential.

Located in San Francisco, the Center is designed to serve Masonic and non-Masonic families throughout the state. Masonic families will always be granted priority and travel reimbursement may be available. After initial on-site assessment, we identify treatment resources in the family’s home community and maintain ongoing contact with the family.

For more information, visit or call 877/488-6293.

Several specialty services are provided at no charge by related Masonic organizations:

Dentistry for children with special needs

Pediatric orthopaedic care
Shriners Hospitals for Children
Sacramento: 916/453-2000
Los Angeles: 213/388-3151

Pediatric burn care and spinal cord injury rehab
Shriners Hospitals for Children
Sacramento 916/453-2000

Surgery to preserve sight
Knights Templar Eye Foundation, Inc.

Childhood speech and language development centers (15 in CA)
Scottish Rite