Masonic Senior Outreach

We know that many of our fraternal family members prefer to age in their own homes or home communities, but may need help coping with the challenges and issues associated with aging.

Masonic Senior Outreach (MSO) offers assistance with the services and resources needed to stay healthy and safe at home or in a retirement facility in the home community. This assistance includes:

  • Information and referrals to community-based senior services and resources throughout California, such as housekeepers, transportation resources, senior legal services, and senior programs.
  • Ongoing care management at no cost for those who face isolation, loss of a spouse, or declining health. An MSO care manager maintains a regular schedule of visits and telephone contact to continually assess the client’s financial situation and health or mental condition.
  • Financial assistance and care plan for those who need financial support. The amount of support is determined by need and will change as needs change. In establishing the budget, MSO considers public benefits and support that is available from family and the lodge. There is no minimum or maximum amount of financial support or length of time it is provided. Support is available as long as the client’s situation requires it and eligibility is maintained. The client signs an Agreement to Repay, which states that when the assistance ends, all or a portion of the amount expended will be repaid if the client has the financial means to do so. 

When care needs can no longer be safely met in the home, MSO will assist in locating a facility in the community and will supplement the cost of care. Those who require 24-hour skilled care are assisted in applying for MediCal to cover the cost of this level of care. Interim financial and care support is provided to those who are on the waiting list for the Masonic Homes of California.

Eligibility requirements for Masonic Senior Outreach services

There are no eligibility requirements to receive information and referral assistance; this service is available to any California fraternal family member.

To receive care management and financial support, applicants must be 60 years or older and:

  • California Master Mason in good standing for five consecutive years
  • Wife or widow of an eligible California Master Mason
  • Mother of an eligible Master Mason

Applicants must also:

  • Receive all community, state, and federal benefits to which they are entitled
  • Not require skilled nursing services or 24-hour home care. Individuals requiring this level of care will be referred to the appropriate funding sources
  • Meet financial criteria

For information and help, contact Masonic Assistance at or call 888/466-3642.

Go to FAQs for answers to frequently asked questions about Masonic Senior Outreach.

Fulfilling our mission depends upon member philanthropy

Member contributions support the critical services provided by Masonic Senior Outreach. Thanks to the generosity of Masons and their families, countless fraternal family members have received Masonic assistance in their time of need. Ongoing contributions will enable us to continue and expand these important services to reach even more fraternal family members.

Masonic Senior Outreach is direct relief, one of the oldest forms of Masonic charity, provided on behalf of every California Mason. Through Senior Outreach, California Masons fulfill our fraternal obligation to provide Masonic relief.

Help us continue our charitable tradition of more than 100 years. Together, we can make a difference.

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